Being in the restaurant business, I always have to wear my hair up for work so I’ve tried to find new and interesting hairstyle ideas online. What usually happens is I do a search for simple up-dos, but eventually wind up at some website with 100 different photos of all these gorgeous and fancy wedding-type hairstyles that these women clearly spent much time and money on. Then I waste a bunch of time ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the pretty pictures until I have to just do a quick ponytail because it’s time to go to work!

So I decided to buckle-down and find some quick, easy up-does that you really CAN do all by yourself without needing an extra pair of hands. I’ve scoured the internet (again!) and am happy to present to you my top 10! Just so you know, I’ve actually tried all of these so if I can do it, anybody can do it!

1.) Easy Plaited Up-Do from Hair Romance

This one is so cute and it’s just 2 braids! I do recommend that if you have thin hair that you first apply some sort of texturing product or something to give your hair a little more volume beforehand

2.) 5-Minute Up-Do from

The only way this one should take you 5 minutes is if you have really really long hair! Love it and it has the added benefit of leaving a nice curl to your hair afterwards.

3.) Knot Your Average Ponytail from

Simple but pretty, this one didn’t work well with my hair because it’s not quite long enough so if you have longer locks this adds a little variety to your basic ponytail.

4.) Easy Chignon from Yet Another Beauty Site

For this hairstyle and the one following, you need to do a little trick and flip your ponytail. All that means is after you secure it with an elastic, just reach two fingers up through your hair, reaching through just above the elastic,  and using your other hand to guide the ponytail into your reaching fingers, pull it through so that it’s back to hanging down but with a cute little twist.

5.) Topsy Tail Twisted Up-Do from

This one takes a little practice in order to get those sections really close to each other like they are in the picture. But once you have it down it’s really quick and easy!

6.) Messy Bun from Trubridal Wedding Blog

This one really is just tying your hair into knots. But again, you’ll want to add some product to keep your hair from slipping as you’re tying.

7.) Reverse Braided Bun from Lulus

Ok this one is a little more complicated and you have to know how to french braid, which I do although I don’t know how to do it exactly like the picture with the braid lying on top of the hair. So I just did a normal french braid, which again took a little practice doing it upside down but the finished look is very cool!

And now for some instructional videos:

8.) Running late ponytails – a 3-for-1 deal and adorable!

9.) 30 Second Ponytail Hack

10.) The Perfect Ponytail


So now I have way more hairstyles to try out and can’t imagine going to work in a boring, plain ponytail ever again!










10 Truly Easy Up-Dos You Really CAN Do Yourself!

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